Berin Gilfillan – Founder of ISOM

In this video, you will hear Dr Berin Gilfillan endorse Dave Hodgson’s teachings.

Dr Berin is the Founder of the International School of Ministry, which is the world’s largest online video bible school with over 20,000 training sites, in 150 nations, in 85 languages.

Pastor Paul Bartolo – Empower Church, Australia

As the Lead Pastor of Empower Church I have been honoured to host Kingdom Initiatives along with our team for 10 years. KI has had tremendous benefits for our business and marketplace people, it has helped them to understand their God given assignments and build their businesses in the marketplace with a Kingdom mindset. The teaching is always helpful and useful in a practical and spiritual way and anyone who chooses to apply what they learn will see results both personally and in their business.

Pastor Lynton Turkington – Celebration Church, USA

I first met Dave Hodgson on a flight from Los Angeles, USA to Brisbane, AUS. It didn’t take long for me to figure out the lens through which he views life and business. As a pastor for four decades, I have taught a strong Kingdom message and endeavour to empower believers to fulfil their God-ordained purpose, whether it be in business or church ministry. While I am one of many voices saying and preaching the same thing, I haven’t seen many people actually living by Kingdom principles in business and prospering to a significant level that their influence is impacting the culture around them.

Dave’s message and life have converged into a full-blown example of Kingdom living and business acumen. His down to earth style and unassuming attitude make him an exceptional communicator with real life stories of adventure, making him a riveting listen.

When Dave spoke at my church, Celebration Church in North Carolina, he left an amazing impression. Through the example of his life, people’s vision increased, a new belief in God’s capacity to provide, and a better understanding of our Kingdom assignment were imparted. People got to hear and meet someone living in Kingdom authority and abundance with sound biblical support and practical wisdom in application. He’s the real deal.

While Dave Hodgson is unique in the way he operates, I believe he is a great example of what and how God sees us all of us functioning as His people on the earth. Living out the scripture…Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Fulton Sheen – 2 terms as Treasurer of Allegan County, Michigan and 3 terms in Legislature as Michigan’s 88th District State Representative.

I have been to many Christian group meetings in many different nations and KI is one of best I have ever attended. The leaders and the attendees are men and women of integrity who have a genuine desire and heart for the Lord. The content of the KI presentations goes deep and cuts to the heart. I highly recommend KI to all serious Christian entrepreneurs, who want to structure and conduct their business in a Kingdom manner.