Pray Days

Watch this video that documents how far out into the Australian bush Dave goes to set up for a proper pray day.

biblical theology

In this Vlog Dave Hodgson is on spectacular Bribie Island off the coast of Queensland and he discusses the contradiction between Paul’s claim that we are saved by faith alone and James’ assertion that faith without works is dead.

KI at the whitehouse

In this vlog Dave Hodgson and David Leslie discuss their recent trip to the Whitehouse in Washington DC.  They discuss how a KI trained delegation ended up attracting the attention of senior US policy-makers, and the impact KI has had on the group.


Watch this Kingdom Initiatives Vlog, filmed in Byblos, Lebanon for a little insight into the quality content we have on the KI Membership Site.This is a great example outlining the importance of doing God’s Will, God’s Way!